Winter 2020

After seven years, Canvas is closing its doors for good.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in any way, big or small.

Enjoy this wonderful last issue.

Our Winter 2020 issue contains the work of 20 teen writers and artists

from the U.S., Switzerland, India, St. Lucia, China, and South Korea

While you're here:

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Or just read our new issue online. Table of contents below.

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Cover: “Submerged” by Amelia Ao

Frontispiece “Knowledge” by Iris Leung

Interior art: “All the light we cannot see” by Amelia Ao

Interior art: “Verbs and Vanity” by Ishaan Barrett

Interior art: “Future” by Samantha Chung

Interior art: “Goodbye” by Samantha Chung

Interior art: “The Illiterate” by You Young Kim

Interior art: “The Lesser” by Hyung Jin Lee


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Canvas Winter 2020 

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Winter 2020 TEEN BOARD


Abby Asmuth

Anna Carson

Yasmine Chokrane

Jessica Jiang

Anushka Karthik

Christian Kim

Andrea Liao

Po-Ting Lin (Duke)

Julia Pelletier

Tula Singer

Muneebah Umar

Stephanie Yen

Manya Zhao







Lindsay Herko



Nina Alvarez


Linnea Schaefer

Canvas Teen Literary Journal

is published by

Cosmographia Books

Rochester, NY



Special Thanks

We would like to sincerely thank all the teen board members who gave their blood, sweat, and tears to Canvas since our first issue in Spring 2013. You are all fine editors and fine people.


Ana Anaya

Abby Johnson

Sophie Moon

Sarah Moore

Marcelo Ortiz

Delaney Palma

Julia Taylor

Sophia Trzcinski

Bella Watts

Amelia Willard

Tori Wilson

Peter Wood

Ali Wrona

Cheyenne Zaremba

Vanessa Zimmerman

Lisa Zou 



And the adult advisors and Writers & Books staff who helped Canvas grow and flourish:


Sally Bittner Bonn

Lindsey Buck

Chris Fanning

Joe Flaherty

Daniel Herd

Kristen King


About Canvas

Canvas Teen Literary Journal publishes the work of teen writers and artists 13-18 years old, read and rated by a board of teen editors. Our contributors and editors are from all over the English-speaking world and represent some of the best teen writing out there, in our humble opinion.


Canvas was established by Writers & Books in Rochester, New York in 2013, ran continuously for 4 years, took a 1.5 year hiatus, and was restructured and re-established by Cosmographia Books in 2018. Nina Alvarez and Lindsay Herko both oversee the publication of the journal.

Each issue is available to read for free at CanvasLiteraryJournal.com. Issues are available through amazon and at a growing number of libraries. 

About Our Name


(noun) a tent made of canvas fabric

(noun) a large piece of fabric by means of which wind is used to propel a sailing vessel

(verb) consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning

(noun) the setting for a narrative or fictional or dramatic account




Naming our magazine was the very first challenge we faced as a literary board. We wanted our title to mean something to us rather than just be a pretty sounding word or a clever pun.

We debated word after word for hours. With each one, we asked: When stripped down to nothing but a definition, how much weight did this word really carry?

Finally, after two meetings of not finding anything that felt right, someone threw out the word “canvas” into the room.


“Tent:” The first definition of canvas is “a tent made of canvas fabric.” A tent is a place of solace, something that protects us from the elements. We hope that Canvas helps you find solace and connection.

“Fabric that propels:” The second definition of canvas is “a large piece of fabric by means of which wind is used to propel a sailing vessel.” We want this journal to propel teens into writing, sharing, and inspiring one another.

“To consider in detail:” The third definition is "to consider in detail and subject to analysis in order to discover essential features of meaning." Our contributors work is born of deeply considered detail, and we apply the same consideration to our selection process.

“Setting:” The fourth definition, “setting for a narrative of fictional or dramatic account,” references the backdrop to a piece of fiction. In turn, our stories and poems help us define the world we live in, the canvas of our lives. Need we say more? 

-written by 2013 board member Abby Johnson